At WILLWIGS, We bring continuous change to customers.

XuChang, HeNan is the largest production base for human hair wigs in China. The founder of WILLWIGS, Lee, was associated with wigs during his childhood. 100 years ago, his family purchased human hair in XuChang and made it into wigs for sale, cutting wigs for people with hair loss.

At that time, people sold human hair wigs through the streets and alleys, and in recent decades, they sold wigs through road freight. Sellers don't know that perfect wigs can be sold online to consumers around the world.

Customers who purchase wigs are usually fashion enthusiasts, hair loss due to illness, and black women. Lee realized that high-quality and affordable wigs can benefit these customers by online. So Lee started selling wigs through family factories and online websites

WILLWIGS is located in XuChang, the largest wig production base in China, with its own factory We produce genuine human hair wigs suitable for various groups of people, without any synthetic.

Here, the founder of WILLWIGS tells us the following two stories

Tally's wig salon is located in the Lagos shopping center in Nigeria, a top tier middle-class consumer destination that ordinary people are hesitant to visit. But in a BBC report, regardless of wealth, various fashionable girls always come to Tally's wig shop in high spirits have TALLY weave wigs onto their heads. Because Tally always purchases high-quality and cheap wigs from us in order to benefit more female customers.

A few years ago, Tally was still a traveler. During a trip to XuChang, China, Tally smelled the opportunity to sell wigs So Tally returned to Nigeria and established the country's first wig salon Tally found that wigs are a must-have for black women, but high-quality wigs are generally more expensive, so I recommended our wig factory to Tally.

Another story is as follows:

A few years ago, on a late autumn afternoon, it was a bit cool. On that day, I communicated with two employees about the details of customizing hairstyles, shuttling between the sample room and the hairstyle trimming room.

After a while, a young pregnant woman came in, holding a little girl around 2 years old in her hand. The little girl was holding a torn doll in her hand. The pregnant woman looked particularly tired, wearing outdated old clothes, and although she was young, her head was already a bit white. She said in a faint voice, "Boss, I want to buy a wig".

I poured a cup of hot water for her, asked her to sit down, took out candy and handed it to the little girl. The little girl was a bit shy and hid behind her mother, tugging at her clothes, revealing her little head and looking timidly at the candy in my hand I grabbed a handful of candy and slowly stuffed it into the little girl's hand, asking her mother, "May I ask if you wear the wig yourself?"

"Oh, no, no, no", the woman quickly said: "I buy it for my husband. Do you have a wig suitable for men in their thirties?"

"Yes, yes." I continued to ask her husband about his condition as I answered. " May I ask if your husband has hair loss on his head or is his hair covered in white?"

"He has no hair now", the woman replied with a deep breath.

So in this situation, he can only wear a full hair cover. "What kind of hairstyle does he like? And what size does he wear it in? It's best for him to personally try it on, so that our designer can design according to his head shape, which can achieve a more appropriate and realistic effect".

"He can't come", the woman whispered, "He's wearing a cap the same size as me. I'll try it on for him and cut his hairstyle to a cap size. He likes this hairstyle the most. Could you please cut it shorter? He likes the shorter hair size."

"Okay, okay", I replied while taking out a tape measure to measure her head circumference and determine the size of the wig. At that moment, the woman added," Boss, I want the best one".

"Of course not a problem, it's just that there were a lot of customers today, and there are several custom trimmed ones waiting to be picked up here. Can you come over tomorrow to pick the wig up?" I replied to the woman.

"Can I jump the queue? I need this wig urgently tomorrow, " the woman pleaded softly. I felt a bit embarrassed for a moment and quickly said to the woman, "I'm afraid it's not suitable. Everyone is waiting for the finished product to be trimmed according to the payment order."

"I do need to urgently need it tomorrow, I do need it tomorrow", the woman didn't know what to say for a moment, just repeated this sentence.

"Don't worry", I said while comforting the woman. "Can you please tell me about your situation?

The woman breathed a sigh of relief and slowly said, "My husband is a police officer. A few days ago, while on a mission, an attacker suddenly shot and seriously injured three people. My husband is one of them, with his entire scalp removed. He was rescued in the hospital for fifteen days. He loves to be beautiful and has a cool haircut. He will wake up early tomorrow morning, and I want him to be rejuvenated." After speaking, she took out a photo from her arms, a handsome young man. For a long time, there was a silence in the room, only the sound of a 2-year-old girl chewing candy.

After a while, an old customer broke the silence and said, "Boss, I'm not in a hurry about that wig. I'll pick it up tomorrow and tomorrow, and I'll leave first." Other customers also agreed, "We're not in a hurry, let's cut it for her first". At this moment, the woman stood up and bowed deeply to everyone, disregarding the pregnancy of the first month. With tears in her eyes, she softly thanked everyone: "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

The above two stories are only a part of our service to various groups.

The founder believes that only advanced production processes, qualified products, and high-quality after-sales service can win customers.